Mary, The Perfect Disciple

When we talk about disciples, traditionally we discuss the initial 11 who heeded the call of Jesus and devoted their lives to spreading the Good News.

Yet, the perfect model for discipleship is Mary, the mother of Jesus. From the time she learned that she was to conceive Him by the Holy Spirit, she accepted the news and committed her life to Him. As a mother, she knew all the joy of raising a Son.  And she also bore the greatest pain – that of watching her son die an agonizing death.

Even at the foot of the cross, she bore her destiny with the grace of one who was beyond belief. She knew her call and she accepted her destiny.

Mary’s life beckons us to a deeper relationship to Christ. It is one that teaches us the true meaning of “trust” and “commitment.” Each of us needs to understand that if we can come to trust that the Lord is in our life and commit ourselves to Him then all things will work toward the Good.

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