The Promise

A Christian is, by definition, an optimist. We believe in the resurrection and we believe in the promise of eternal life. In fact, so much of what we believe is based on promise and faith.

Yet, in our daily lives, we often fail to hold onto that optimism– that promise. Instead of allowing it to pervade our consciousness, we package it into a box stamped “my Beliefs” and put it on a shelf in our mind. Then when it is appropriate, we open the box – on Sundays perhaps or when we are thinking about the “bigger picture.”

We need to bring the promise alive. To do that, we need to develop a daily regimen where prayer and conservations with God become a natural thing. The more we converse with God, the more we can bring the promise alive.

When we bring the promise alive, our daily life is lighter in two senses first, because we are allowing Him to hold whatever burdens we have and secondly because His light shows through us and radiates everything we do and everyone with whom we come in contact.

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