THE Invitation

THE Invitation

The voluntary death of Christ on the Cross is the supreme invitation.

Christ chose to become a divine brother to humanity. By so doing, he took on all the elements of our human body. Through that incarnation, we are given a model not only of the Living Christ but also of how to live in Christ. The human Jesus laughed, cried, grew angry and suffered unthinkable pain.

In that humanity, we are given an invitation to His Father. Christ obeyed his father’s will right to death on the cross. We too are called to do our Father’s will. When pain and despair beset us, we are called to both offer it up to God and, at the same time, to understand that in that pain we are being called to see Him. To recognize that we need light to see through the darkness. The light of Christ shines to us always. We need to believe that His presence is as real to us as it was when he walked this earth. Then and now he invites us to His Father.


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